Shyla is an 11 year old girl who is the founder of SHYLA COSMETICS. She is an extremely selfless child who founded the brand because she believes that lip gloss should be long lasting on the lips without the fuss of having to top up regularly throughout the day.

Shyla also wants to create something that takes the needs of everyone into consideration which is why our products are ethically sourced, animal cruelty free and contains natural ingredients like shea butter which keeps the lips looking great and feeling moistures.

As well as catering for adults, SHYLA COSMETICS also caters for Tweens & Teens. Shyla created the Tweens & Teens line so that girls don’t have to choose how their lips look before how their lips feel. They deserve their lips to look and feel good. That’s why we focus not just on the colour of the lipgloss but the moisture and natural goodness for their lips.

We want to give tweens, teens and adults the option of natural vegan products that not only looks good but also feels good. 


As a brand SHYLA COSMETICS is quirky, fun, elegant and stylish. A versatile brand which can be used by anyone for any occasion.